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What's better than recycling? Reusing.

Paper Cup

Let us briefly explain the problem with paper cups.

The paper cup problem

Every day millions of us decide to take away our coffee in a paper cup. At least we think it's just paper, whereas actually it isn't. Most paper coffee cups are coated with a plastic resin for durability, which cannot be separated out in a standard recycling mill. Only two factories in the UK currently have this separating facility but can deal with only a tiny fraction of the seven million cups currently disposed of in the UK daily.

So the millions of Britons who responsibly place their coffee cups into recycling bins are actually under a misapprehension. Over 2.5 billion cups effectively thrown away each year (that's 2,500,000,000, folks) are not recyclable. Since they are therefore likely to end up at best in landfill sites, or at worst littering our streets and rivers, the impact is horrendous.

The solution

The solution and one that we pioneer diligently across our business product range, is to provide consumers with quality, durable and appealing reusable cups and mugs. Ones that function effectively, serve their purpose and carry your brand and message clearly and effectively.

It's simple, the more times we refill, the less times we dispose. Whether it's water bottles or coffee cups, our core business objective is to facilitate re-use. Our mission is to help people become aware of the issues and encourage their reuse habit by providing best solutions in refill and container reusability.

You'll find you're not alone. Moved by the issue, many coffee shops now offer discounts for refilling reusable cups. More will follow. By purchasing reusable cups or reusable mugs you are part of a movement. Make your statement, please.

The solution

Benefits of our reusable cups

We believe that in doing something responsibly, it's essential to do it properly, being consistent in aims and quality from start to finish.

So first step was to begin by ensuring manufacture here in the UK. We can't justifiably champion carbon efficiency and then import goods from the other side of the globe. Our cups were designed, developed and are made and printed right here in the UK.

Secondly, if we are going to print and allow customers to convey both the message and their brand to best effect, then let's develop an option for full color printing. So as well as offering conventional screen printing, we can offer a full digital photographic quality reproduction, whatever the message, whatever the image, whatever the brand.

Third to be effective it has to meet thermal needs. We have a double walled polypropylene container, designed to better cope with the thermal demands of both hot and cold products. Whether its coffee, hot soups or chilled drinks, your product will stay hotter or colder, longer.

Finally, for whatever situation your cup is being used, we have three cap options to suit. Whether sliding fully closed for travel, for normal everyday use or one capable of also accepting a straw. So whether you require a cold drink on a hot day or a hot drink on a cold day, the contents should stay that way.

About Us

Driving innovation

With our roots in NDA Packaging Services Ltd, we have spent nearly two decades driving innovation, with a particular focus on developing and marketing containers and solutions that encourage refilling and reusability.

Our Sportbottle and Schoolbottle water bottle brands have established themselves as leaders in the reusable water bottle field, utilising a unique 'hands free' cap, which we pioneered in the UK. Thousands of schools and businesses have adopted our products, saving tens of millions of single use plastic bottles from refuse and litter.

Our work and influence has inspired the multi environmental award winning Hydrachill Water Refilling Station project, developed to stimulate better access to free, mains fed drinking water for on the go users. The impact has been dramatic, with HydraChill becoming the first to offer UK commuters the benefit of a free water refilling service with installations at Transport for London.

So, the Reusable mugs development is a natural progression of our activities. The waste associated with unrecyclable coffee cups is as rapidly growing a problem as that associated with single use plastic water bottles. Both require the same reuse solution to have critical impact. Our UK made, appealing but affordable reusable containers, are designed to provide lasting refillable service, to individuals, businesses and their environment.

Case Studies

Who we've worked with:

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

    In September 2016 Cardiff Metropolitan University catering decided to launch a reusable coffee cup for their new semester intake of 8,000 students and staff.

    "We'd been giving the concept serious thought for some time" said Head of Catering Andrew Phelps" " We're aware of our environmental obligations and the principle of reusability has worked well for us with our customised Hydrachill Water Refilling Stations and reusable bottles. It was a natural extension to consider reusable coffee cups but we'd never found a solution sufficiently cost or design viable".

    "The options were expensive, usually sourced from overseas and limited in their finished printing format to sufficiently represent our brand. Printing a heat-band is fine but we wanted to get our message across in a much more detailed fashion. The Reusable Cups offered us just that facility and more, with full colour reprint capability allowing more room for our symbols, instructions and message - and in two languages, including Welsh!"

    So Cardiff Met catering set about designing their graphics on the Reusable Mugs templates provided, accommodating Welsh on one side, English on the other. "We decided we would offer the cups at an affordable ?3.50 each, with a free cup of coffee on purchase and 10% discount for re-use. The effect has been dramatic. Within three months we had used so much of our original stock that we ordered more. The fact that students and staff have adapted so readily, shows how the issue is one that strikes a modern chord".

    "Our neighbouring Universities have witnessed this development and are now following suit. It works for all, our sustainability objectives and environment included."

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